Administrative Reform and e-Governmance Minister Dimitris Reppas on Thursday briefed the MPs in ruling PASOK's Parliamentary working group for interior and public administration issues.
The minister, assisted by his deputy ministers Dinos Rovlias and Pantelis Tzortzakis, outlined plans to greatly simplify state sector procedures in order to cut out bureaucracy and also changes to the wage scale and promotions system in the civil service.

Sources within the ministry said that a draft bill on the civil service wage scale was close to completion and will soon be unveiled for a period of public consultation before it is tabled in Parliament.
Under the new system, the entire current salary and benefits system is to be scrapped and dozens of benefits will be abolished, while the blatant differences in current take-home pay within the civil service will be eliminated and wages will tend to be more uniform across the public sector.
Of the current benefits, only the family, studies and position of responsibility benefits will remain. The remainder will be replaced by a  sum that will rise according to an employees pay grade.
The current 'performance incentive' benefits will be converted into a "productivity bonus" that will be paid after the assessment of employees so that it acts as an incentive to provide better services to the public.
The same sources confirmed that the government hopes to further reduce public sector payroll costs over the next three years by 16.5 billion euro and bring this below the current average of Eurozone countries, in accordance with the provisions of the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy programme. This reduction is envisaged arising chiefly through the departure of some 150,000 civil servants.