Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga arrived on the island of Samos on Thursday morning for a tour of the island.
In an arrival statement, Papariga spoke of the island's developmental abilities, chiefly in the farming sector, with products "of interest" for all of Greece and even all of Europe.
Despite that fact, she added, Samos' economy is on the decline, particularly with respect to the small-scale farmers and to workers in general.
Greece, she said, has significant growth prospects, but growth and conforming with EU policy, growth and monopolies, growth and literal compromise with the demands of the big capital were two separate and opposite things.
On the recent eurozone summit decisions for Greece, Papariga said it is "a temporary agreement with a small 'haircut' of 21 percent", but opined that "a bigger 'haircut' is imminent that will reach up to 50 percent".
Papariga warned that not a single day must be lost for the people of all of Greece and for the residents of Samos.
"Much worse is coming," she warned.
Papariga will wind up her visit with an address to a rally on Thursday evening.