The Ioannina fire brigade on Monday announced that a fire on Mount 'Mitsikeli' that had been burning since the previous day was now partially under control. The fire started out in an area known as Kranoula and swept across the entire mountainside, reaching the summit and passing over the other side to the picturesque, pine-covered slopes of the Zagori district.
A helicopter has been dousing the fire with water since this morning and a strong force on foot has been continuing efforts to get the fire completely under control. Flames have rekindled in some of the areas of Kranoula that are already burnt but these are not viewed with concern by fire-fighters.
The fire brigade has confirmed that the cause of the fire was arson, following the discovery of a fire-setting mechanism. Fire brigade investigators and the police also have several leads concerning the identity of the culprit, including his description.
Important evidence concerning the identity of the culprit was supplied by a hang-glider who was in the area at the time the fire broke out and was able to give several clues that will help to locate and arrest him.

Forest fire reported on Zakynthos island

A forest fire broke out early on Monday afternoon in the region Volimes on the Ionian island of Zakynthos. Eleven firemen and five vehicles were sent to put out the blaze, assisted by one fire brigade helicopter. No homes were reported at risk but fire-fighters were struggling to control the blaze because of brisk force 5 winds.

Forest fire in Asprogia, Farsala

A fire broke out late on Monday afternoon in forest at Asprogia, Farsala. A force of 25 firemen, nine vehicles and an 18-man team on foot was sent to put out the blaze, assisted by two fire brigade aircraft. No residences were threatened and winds were of low intensity. The cause of the fire remains unknown.