ADEDY calls for wave of strikes over state agency mergers, abolitions

The civil servants' union federation ADEDY on Tuesday urged its members to react to a series of state agency abolitions and mergers announced by the government with escalating strike action between the August 15 holiday and a rally planned on September 10 at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF). They call on federations and unions to commit to a plan of labour mobilisations that includes 24-hour, 48-hour and long-term strikes and protests.
ADEDY is also discussing new forms of protests, such as sit-ins at workplaces, refusing specific duties and especially those that involve collecting fees and charges from the public for the use of services, neighbourhood information campaigns and others.
Meanwhile, at a press conference held by the POSPERT staff union at the state broadcasting organisation ERT and those of another 11 state agencies faced with mergers and outright closure, unions announced a rally outside Parliament at noon on Thursday to protest against the proposed draft bill and also announced plans for labour mobilisations.
Workers at Hellenic Defence Systems are continuing 24-hour rolling strikes began on July 27 and have also occupied the management's offices in protest against the company's privatisation.

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