New wildfires erupted on Wednesday in Sfakia, Hania on the island of Crete and in the coastal region of Vravrona in Attica, even as fire fighters finally managed to bring a fire burning since Tuesday in Lagadakia on the island of Zakynthos partially under control. Fire-fighters remained on the scene in Zakynthos until the fire was fully extinguished, while 29 firemen, 11 vehicles, two teams on foot and a fire brigade helicopter struggled to put out the fire in Hania. The fire on Crete was not threatening inhabited areas at the latest report.
The fire in Vravrona began in a region known as Hamolia and 30 firemen, 11 vehicles and a helicopter were deployed to fight the blaze. No residences were at risk and the fire brigade estimated that the fire would soon be under control.
Also under control was a fire that broke out earlier on Wednesday in Keratea.