“The long-term sustainability of public debt should be ensured in cooperation with our partners during the transitional period between July 21, when the Eurozone decisions were made, and early October,” Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos stressed on Wednesday.
Speaking before Parliament’s plenary session, Venizelos referred to the finance ministry's draft bill stressing that “the scenery should change” and underlined that “this transitional period will have to be managed with prudence, professionalism, caution, consensus and a sense of responsibility.” 
“The months of August and September should be exemplary in terms of swiftness,” he said, responding to criticism by opposition parties regarding the procedures followed.
“We are caught in an worldwide vortex and we have to utilize the opportunities created by us for us. We should be reliable as regards our obligations towards our lenders and meet our commitments,” he stressed.
The finance ministry's draft bill will allow the government to show its creditors that there is progress on August 22, he pointed out and explained that the supplementary tax regulations will boost revenues and provide tools in the battle against tax evasion and black market. He stressed that important structural reforms are being prepared for months and they will have be passed into laws.
Venizelos also promised new regulations focusing on the financially vulnerable, bank liquidity and bank guarantee notes.
Responding to a relevant question by opposition Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) leader George Karatzaferis, the minister of finance said that “there is no issue as regards the financing and liquidity of the Greek banks or their capital adequacy.”