A wildfire that broke out on Thursday in the region of Ano Tompra, west of Gythio in Laconia prefecture, located in the southern province of Peloponnese, has burned its way through the village of Lygereas, threatening private houses and destroying forest land and crops. Fifteen firemen with 7 fire engines, 15 firemen on foot and 4 water-bombing aircraft participated in the firefighting efforts. Wildfires that did not threaten inhabited regions were burning on the northeast Aegean island of Lesvos and on the Ionian Sea island of Corfu.
On Lesvos, a wildfire broke out in an inaccessible forest region of Nyfida. A total of 26 firefighters with 13 fire engines and 8 firemen on foot were battling the blaze assisted by three local authority firefighting vehicles and 10 volunteers. Four water-bombing aircraft and a helicopter were also operating in the region, hampered by strong winds.
On the island of Corfu, the wildfire that broke out a day earlier in the region of Loutses was still burning, fanned by strong winds while firefighting efforts were hampered by the region’s terrain. Five water-bombing aircraft, a helicopter, 9 fire engines with a crew of 17 firefighters and 5 firemen on foot participated in the efforts to contain the fire.    

Suspect confesses to arson on Corfu

A 30-year-old man was arrested on Thursday for arson on Corfu island and confessed during questioning that he had set one of the many fires that broke out almost simultaneously on Corfu island on Tuesday.
The suspect was arrested together with four others, who were released after the conclusion of a police investigation.
According to eye-witnesses the 30-year-old man was also spotted at three more fronts where fires had erupted, specifically at the villages of Lakones, Alimatades and Vistonas.
Meanwhile the fire burning in the pine forest at Kobitsi, Corfu, has been partially contained, while the three other fronts at Lakones are still burning but not with the same force.
Units of firemen on foot and firefighting airplanes are operating in the area to extinguish rekindlings.