Police on Friday reported the arrest of a 42-year-old car thief after he drove a stolen car into the wall of a house in the Attica region of Zefyri.
A subsequent investigation conducted by the Zefyri police station uncovered a string of criminal offences involving the 42-year-old and his accomplices, who had formed a criminal gang that carried out a series of robberies.
This included the mugging of a 49-year-old man on May 9, when they forced him to hand over a bag containing 50,000 euro he had just withdrawn from the bank, and the robbery of a 44-year-old jewellery shop owner on July 24, who was forced to hand over 62,400 euro. The robbers had arranged a meeting with the jeweller on the pretext of having 250 gold coins to sell and took the money he had brought to make the purchase.
The suspects followed up the two muggings with the burglary of a jewellery shop in Acharnes, Attica on July 26.
The man arrested was led before an Athens first-instance court prosecutor while police are continuing to investigate his possible involvement in other crimes.