The financial police have drawn up charges against two shop owners and one doctor for failing to issue receipts and other tax violations based on reports by the public at the special complaints hotline 110112.
Officers followed up complaints about a cafe in Neo Iraklio and ascertained that receipts to 17 customers worth a total of 201.50 euro had not been issued. Similarly, a snack bar in Nikaia had failed to issue receipts to 12 customers with a total worth of 507 euro.
Further inspections on the two premises revealed further violations, such as no work permits by employees or individual health books.
An orthopedic surgeon was also charged with failing to issue receipts for his services, during a spot check on a patient emerging from his surgery. The check revealed that no receipt for the doctor's services had been issued and inspection of the surgery's books showed that he had not properly updated either his receipts and expenses accounts nor the patients' log.
The charges against all three will be sent to the Athens and Piraeus misdemeanours court prosecutors and the appropriate tax offices alerted in order to impose any fines that are due.