Tourist arrivals on the island of Rhodes and the entire Dodecanese complex rose in July 2011 to corresponding levels with the same month last year.
Specifically, according to data released on Friday, tourist arrivals at Rhodes airport increased 20.77 percent in comparison with July 2010.
In first place are the British tourists and in second place tourists from Germany, both of which posted an 11.22 percent increase, followed by Italian visitors in third place with a record increase of 38.94 percent.
Arrivals from the Scandinavian market also posted a noteworthy increase, with a total of 70,000 tourists from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
The highest increase in arrivals, however, was from Russia, with 53.72 in comparison with July 2010, with arrivals from Poland also rising by 43.10 percent.
Tourist arrivals in the port of Rhodes were also positive in July with 112,696 arrivals against 101,484 in July 2010.