Greek exports to China continued recovering in the first five months of 2011, in contrast with Chinese exports to Greece which continued their downward trend in the same period. Greece’s trade deficit with China totaled 2.7 billion euros at the end of 2010, to shrink to 974 million euros in May 2011, a report by the Financial and Trade Affairs department of the Greek embassy in Beijing.
The report showed that all food product categories recorded significant increases in the January-May period, compared with the corresponding period in 2010 (dairy +55.5 pct, oils +87.3 pct, food products +17 pct and beverage +417 pct), although no product category surpassed 1.0 million euros in value, with the exception of oils. Marbles, mining and plastics grew more than 50 pct, while unprocessed leather and fur products dropped significantly (73.3 pct and 32.6 pct, respectively).