Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Friday urged the eurozone countries to display "calm, determination, but chiefly speed", and once again called for the introduction of a euro-bond and strengthening of the European Support Mechanism.
Asked to comment on the developments in Europe, Samaras said that "at this time, the countries of the eurozone must display calm, determination, but chiefly speed".
He said that if the eurozone does not opt for the euro-bond "which in our opinion, and we have been saying this for some time, is the best and most effective solution, then they must at least strengthen the European Fiscal Support Facility so that the speculators will realise that Europe is prepared, that it has the ammunition, to confront them".
"This is the only way to discourage them, and the only way to ruin their plans," Samaras added.