A wildfire that broke out two days ago in the Loutses region on the Ionian island of Corfu was described as being "partially under control" by fire brigade officers on Saturday. Forces were still on the scene to fully extinguish the blaze.   Also burning fiercely was a forest fire that broke out at the location Agia Paraskevi in Gymnopotamos, Filippiada. A force of 20 firemen, seven vehicles, a team on foot and two water-bombing aircraft were battling to control the flames.

    A fire in Nikiti in the Halkidiki peninsula was still burning, with thick smoke hampering the continuing fire-fighting effort, though the fire on the Aegean island of Skopelos appeared to be abating and fire fighters were confident it would soon be under control.

    The fires in Halkidiki and Skopelos were both started by lightning strikes.