Foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras on Saturday criticised statements by Turkey's leadership objecting to Cyprus' continued activity aimed at exploiting its natural resources, stressing that Turkish troops continued to occupy a large part of the island republic. "Turkey of 'zero problems' continues to occupy a large part of the Cyprus Republic. With its occupation army it undermines the achievement of a solution. It marginalises Turkish-Cypriots and prevents them from enjoying the benefits of being a citizen of the Cyprus Republic and the European Union," the spokesman noted.

    Delavekouras emphasised that the government of the Cyprus Republic was the only legal representatives of the state and exercising its sovereign rights and responsibilities, including that of contracting agreements for conducting marine research, in full agreement with international law and maritime law.

    He urged Turkey to adopt the treaty for maritime law, which was a part of European rules and regulations, instead of making provocative statements. He also called on Turkey to accept its responsibility and to lead the representatives of the Turkish-Cypriot community to adopt a constructive stance in talks for a Cyprus solution, so that this might be achieved.