Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga on Monday called for a strong popular reaction in September aimed at blocking the implementation of the new austerity measures announced by the government.
In a press conference, Papariga called for reaction across the board, in schools, universities and places of work.
She further expressed certainty that a new "storm" of measures, was ahead, given the developments in the eurozone.
"The intense discussions in recent days on saving the eurozone are just a new storm on the way against the peoples, with unpredictable, for the time being, consequences," Papariga said, adding that "the European leaders are not unworthy, as is being said, the problem is that there is no administrative medicine for the crisis of capitalism".
Questioned on the prospect of early general elections, Papariga said that if elections are held, they will mark the desire of the corporate groups for collaboration between ruling PASOK and main opposition New Democracy (ND), adding that that is why a deep break with the present political system is needed, through reinforcement of the KKE.
She warned that the Greek people, and all the peoples of Europe, must not just sit and watch with their hands crossed but must react and emancipate themselves from the imperialist and capitalist forces, and expressed hope that the next two decades will be decades of uprisings and revolutions to overturn the system.