The Greek government is pursuing from the EU the issue of a euro-bond, lower interest, a tax on financial transactions and substantial strengthening of the support mechanism, Greek government spokesman and minister of state Elias Mossialos said on a newspaper website on Monday.
"It is necessary for the EU to shield itself with more tools, such as the euro-bond, lower interest, a tax in financial transactions, and also with substantial reinforcement of the support mechanism," Mossialos said in a written statement, but stressed, however, that there will be no laxness, and that the Greek government will materialise its commitments.
"This, however, does not mean laxness on the domestic front, because the Greek problem will be solved when we collect more than we spend and create a primary surplus...when we acquire a productive and competitive public sector and an extrovert economy that reverses the current model in which imports are triple the exports," Mossialos said.