Four public hospitals in Thessaloniki - Agios Pavlos, Ippokration, Special Infections, Papageorgiou - will undertake the implementation of substitute drug programmes beginning on September 1, it was announced on Tuesday.
Speaking in a meeting with managers of hospitals in northern Greece and local administration representatives held in Thessaloniki, Health Minister Andreas Loverdos repeated that “beginning in the fall the list of shame will no longer exist,” referring to drug addicts on the waiting lists at OKANA drug rehabilitation centres.
Loverdos stated that methadone programmes in the Thessaloniki hospitals will be launched on September 1 and in Athens two weeks later on September 16, adding that very soon the measure will be in effect across northern Greece.
“The health ministry's goal is to have methadone programmes in all public hospitals, including military hospitals - with the sole exception of pediatric hospitals - even in certified pharmacies if necessary,” Loverdos said.
Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Health Minister Markos Bolaris referred to the electronic data base for recipients of welfare payments that will be into effect in the fall aimed at ensuring cross-checking.
On the issue of the West Nile virus (WNV), Deputy Health Minister Mihalis Timosidis underlined that the ministry had been prepared since winter. He added that people should not be alarmed, stressing that they should take precautionary measures for their protection. He also said that aerial spraying for mosquitoes will take place when necessary.