Seventeen cases of West Nile (WNV) infection have been confirmed in Greece, five of them in the greater Athens region and the rest in the provinces of Central Macedonia and Thessaly, according to health authorities which are in a state of vigilance expecting more cases.
“The course of the disease is the anticipated,” while “precautionary measures are being taken in regions most likely to have WNV infection cases,” Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) experts told ANA-MPA on Tuesday.
Since the beginning of the year, cases of the disease have been reported in other countries as well, namely, Romania, Russia and Israel.
Epidemiological monitoring, the adoption of systematic and timely measures against the mosquito population and individual protection measures are the recommended steps aimed at keeping the disease under control, according to KEELPNO.    
The virus has been known for many years and the main route of human infection is through the bite of an infected mosquito. The infection caused is mild and most of the time asymptomatic with the elderly being more at risk of a central nervous system infection which, however, is easily curable, according to scientists.