The fact that main opposition New Democracy accepted the issue of a Eurobond as the right solution to the debt crisis was positive, alternate government spokesman Angelos Tolkas said on Tuesday in response to questions. He noted that Prime Minister George Papandreou had repeatedly pushed for a Eurobond over the past two years and urged ND to "abandon petty politics" and also support and promote the idea where it was most strongly resisted, which was within the ranks of Europe's conservative and liberal parties.
Tolkas pointed out that Papandreou had raised the issue from December 2009, at international forums and in talks with European leaders, and also launched an initiative as Socialist International president to collect signatures in support of the proposal on an international level.
Similarly, MP Vasso Papandreou had set up a committee in December 2010 to form an alliance in favour of issuing a Eurobond while PASOK MEP and EuroParliament Vice-president Anny Podimata had submitted a report on Eurobonds and a tax on financial transactions that was adopted by the European Parliament.
He noted that the European Commission, under pressure from the spread of the crisis, had finally promised to propose legislative measures for both issues in October.