The wife of the Messara Police Operations Department (TAE) chief was brutally stabbed to death late Tuesday night in Heraklion, on the island of Crete, where she and her husband had gone after receiving complaints from a tenant of theirs that the tenant of another apartment was harassing her.
The TAE chief and the couple's 35-year-old female tenant were also seriously injured.
TAE Messara chief Tilemachos Pantagakis, 53, and his wife went to the apartment they owned in an apartment building in downtown Heraklion after their 35-year-old tenant complained of being harassed by another tenant in the building.
When the couple knocked on the other tenant’s door, and before they were able to explain the reason they were there, a 43-year-old man in the apartment grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the 48-year-old wife in the heart, killing her on the spot.
The TAE chief grappled with the man in an attempt to disarm him, and was stabbed in the stomach and the hands. The perpetrator then attacked the woman tenant, injuring her as well in the hands and chest.
The injured persons were rushed by ambulance to the nearby Venizelio hospital, where they underwent surgery.
Pantagakis was reported to be in serious condition, with stab wounds in the stomach, the liver and the arms.
The 43-year-old man was arrested shortly after the incident, without putting up a fight.