A 52-year-old seaman was arrested on the island of Corfu on Thursday after more than 250 files containing child pornography were discovered in his PC.
Thessaloniki electronic crimes squad police traced the man's IP address and found that he was using a specialised internet child pornography file sharing programme.
A search of his residence on Corfu, conducted in cooperation with the local security police, turned up 7 hard disc drives with more than 250 files containing photographs and videos of children and adolescents in sexual acts.
The 52-year-old will be led before a local prosecutor.
The case was uncovered just 24 hours after the arrest of a 35-year-old man in Thessaloniki who had more than 30,000 files of hard-core child pornography material in his PC.
The Thessaloniki case is the biggest with respect to the material seized that has been uncovered by authorities in northern Greece involving a single perpetrator.
The two arrests were made in the process of ongoing investigations by Thessaloniki electronic crimes squad police.