More than 30 million cars have crossed the Rio-Antirrio bridge, more formally known as the "Harilaos Trikoupis Bridge", since it was first officially opened to traffic exactly seven years ago, the bridge operator said in an announcement on Friday.
Work on construction of the bridge first began in December 1997 and it was officially opened on August 12, 2004 on the eve of the Athens Olympic Games. More than 1,000 people were employed for its construction and since that time it employs roughly 100 employees.
The award-winning bridge spans the Corinthian Gulf at its narrowest point, connecting the Peloponnese with areas of northwestern Greece, such as Aitoloakarnania and Epirus. It's construction posed many challenges, including the high seismic activity of the region, the depth of the waters, the lack of a firm seabed to build foundations, the possibility of tsunamis and plate tectonics as the Gulf of Corinth expands.