Privatisations of bourse-listed state enterprises need not be based solely on their stock market value, Minister of State and government spokesman Elias Mossialos said on Friday.
Mossialos was talking to the Greek radio station 'Real' and replying to concerns raised by the chairman of the privatisations fund about the advisability of pressing ahead at a time when stock markets throughout the world but especially in Athens appeared to be plummeting.
"We will monitor what developments there are and sales are not always based on stock market value. The privatisation agreements can be broader. Different, alternative models can also be used," Mossialos said.
One such alternative method would be to take the future stock market worth into account and in the future ask for part of the stock market worth of a company that is privatised, he added.
The spokesman said that the government planned to announce new measures to combat unemployment next week, while the education ministry was preparing modifications to the programmes for vocational training.
He said the changes would move in the direction of certifying vocational training schools and giving subsidies directly to students, rather than the owners of the centres, so that the students could then choose where they would go. In addition to current vocational training schools, the government also hopes to bring universities and technological education institutes into this area.
Mossialos noted that the envisioned programmes amounted to some three billion euro and would provide some relief but this would only be temporary unless the underlying economy made a real change.
"If the productive model of the country does not change then we cannot talk about real growth," he added.