Greece on Saturday stressed the need for the immediate issue of a eurobond in order to deal with the debt crisis in the entire eurozone, and not only Greece's case.
In an interview appearing in 'Proto Thema' newspaper appearing on Saturday, minister of state and government spokesman Elias Mossialos said that it has been proven how right that Greece had been to insist on an overall arrangement that would deal with not only the Greek problem but would also send a clear message to the markets that Europe is determined to make use of its collective power.
"That is the issue at hand. Here we have a collective force that is not being used," he said.
Mossialos said that the present risks could have been avoided if political decisions had been taken to strengthen the temporary support mechanism, and even more so if a decision had been taken to issue a eurobond. The problem would not be a small delay, but an overall turnabout by the EU towards policy decisions, he said.