Prime Minister George Papandreou chaired consecutive meetings in Parliament on Thursday with the participation of several Cabinet ministers, where he stressed, according to reports, the need to "continue reforms with determination, with dialogue and open procedures."
Developments in economic policy, the government's preparation in light of the pending visit of representatives of the EC-ECB-IMF "troika", as well as the course of the budget's implementa-tion were examined in the third consecutive meeting.
Also, according to reports, the government is preparing a strategic plan for growth, one that will envision specific actions at each ministry. The latest plan may be presented at next month's Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).
A review of international economic developments was also made, along with Athens' prospects for whatever intervention were examined, while it was mentioned that the Greek govern-ment's proposal for the imposition of a tax on financial transac-tions was accepted, in essence.
Moreover, government sources said the issue of guarantees towards countries participating in Greece's support mechanisms was not discussed during the meeting.
The prime minister, the same sources said, will proceed with an account of the government's work at the Thessaloniki International Fair, stressing that Papandreou's intervention will also attempt to send a message abroad, with the aim of further boosting the country's credibility.
The PASOK government additionally underlined the necessity of political stability in the country.