Prime Minister George Papandreou put an end to rumours of early elections with his statement that "the citizens want to see changes and not elections."
Speaking in an interview to be published in the newspaper Real News on Sunday, the prime minister clarifies that he will honour the mandate given by the Greek citizens absolutely since there is no reason for early elections.

Announcing in essence a referendum in 2011, Papandreou also sends a message to ministers, calling on them to have changes and reforms promoted immediately since, as he said, society detests half measures and is thirsty for really fair changes.

"This is our target, real, fair changes everywhere," he said, while being critical of those reacting to the reforms since, as he says, they will lose privileges that they enjoyed for years at the expense of Greek society.

Papandreou also put an end to scenarios on an exit from the euro, stressing that "if we all do our job, not only will new measures not be necessary, but we shall be able to remedy whatever injustices were caused by the urgency of our decisions."