Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos reiterated the need for an "immediate and full implementation of decisions taken at the Eurozone summit of July 21", in a letter addressed to Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker and counterparts of Eurozone member-states, amongst others.
The letter was released on Sunday.

"Decisions do not only affect or deal mainly with Greece; they affect the capability and readiness of the Eurozone to manage the current and extreme phase of the international economic crisis, an issue that greatly exceeds the (support) programmes for Greece, Ireland and Portugal; one and affects other countries with greater economic dimensions and the Eurozone as a whole," Venizelos states in his letter.

Moreover, the Greek FinMin, who is also a government vice-president, emphasises that "Greece ... has demonstrated the best of good intentions and flexibility in order to achieve an immediate and complete implementation of the July 21 Eurozone summit decisions."

He added: "Technical solutions are easy to find, under the condition that the programme's reliability and effectiveness is not affected. The issue, of course, is pre-eminently political, and as such, must be dealt with so that clear and positive messages are sent towards international markets and European societies," Venizelos concluded.

The letter was also addressed to EU Commissioner Olli Rehn and ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet.