Three Pakistani men were charged with several counts of homicide on Monday, accused of a handful of murders and an attempted murder, with the victims all foreign nationals living in the greater Athens area.
Specifically, the trio was charged in the murder of a 31-year-old compatriot last April in Athens; the murder and attempted robbery of  a 61-year-old Albanian kiosk employee and the murder of a 29-year-old Polish man.
They are also accused of the attempted murder and robbery of a 22-year-old Polish woman last month in the Patissia district of central Athens -- a district with a high concentration of foreign nationals in the Greek capital.
Another homicide case involves a 21-year-old Pakistani who was killed while working as a gas station attendant at the southern coastal district of Alimos.
Police found and confiscated a handgun, which is according to authorities, the murder weapon.
All three were sent before an Athens prosecutor.