The government is planning to implement a new policy for shipping, according to Alternate Competitiveness & Shipping Minister Haris Pamboukis, who on Tuesday also expressed support for the re-establishment of the merchant marine ministry.
"It is a 'new deal', a new sector contract that will concern all the branches and factors of shipping," Pamboukis explained, adding that incentives will be given agencies with this new contract.
The minister said a re-established merchant marine ministry is a universal demand, citing weaknesses in the current shipping policy sector. He also expressed support for the harbour corps and coast guard to return to that ministry's responsibility.

ND reaction
Meanwhile, Pamboukis' statements drew reaction from the main opposition New Democracy party.
ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis spoke of»government confusion" since, as he said, Pamboukis admits that the abolition of the merchant marine ministry was a mistake.
"Indeed he 'washes his hands', saying that 'I have raised my skepticism with the prime minister. I have done my duty. From then on the problem is not mine," Mihelakis said.