Minister of State and government spokesman Ilias Mosialos, speaking to a radio station on Tuesday, said announcements on the prime minister's upcoming visit to the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) will be made soon.
"It will be a simple and substantive presence," he said.
As regards the increase in VAT rates for restaurants, cafes and various eateries, he stressed that Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos clarified that it will be carried out, while underlining that tax exemptions and tax rates are being re-examined, along with objective criteria for self-employed professionals.
He pointed out, however, that the aim is for revenues to increase and that targets must be achieved so that the country's credibility is restored.

Concerning the national radio and television broadcaster (ERT), he said that in the coming week he will announce the independent committee, following an understanding with opposition parties, noting that a staff assessment will take place.

Replying to a question on whether an issue of voluntary exit is also being discussed, he said it is a question for ERT's administration -- "we shall see it in the framework of economic management as well."
He added, however, that he will not step back from a restructuring of public television, and pointed out that "the public services are not the property of the workers, but of the Greek people, who pay."