Parliament rejects com't of inquiry on ex-ministers vis-a-vis Siemens case

A Parliament plenum has rejected a proposal by 108 deputies of ruling PASOK to establish a committee of inquiry to probe the possible involvement of former New Democracy ministers Christos Markoyiannakis and George Alogoskoufis in the Siemens kickbacks case.
The result of the secret vote, in which 165 deputies participated, since ND, the Popular Orthodox Rally party and the Democratic Alliance MPs abstained, revealed "leaks" from the ranks of the ruling party's Parliamentary group.
Voting in favour of a further probe against Christos Markoyian-nakis were 128 deputies, nine against, 10 were present, while there were six blank and 12 invalid votes.
Voting in favour of a further probe against George Alogoskoufis were 130 deputies, eight against, nine were present, while there were seven blank and 11 invalid votes.
However, the proposal was rejected, since the required minimum number of votes (151) necessary was not achieved.

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