Minister of State Ilias Mosialos on Friday held a meeting with main opposition New Democracy party spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis and the party's sector chief for media, Simos Kedikoglou, focusing on changes in the national broadcaster (ERT).
According to a joint statement by ND's representatives, Mosialos presented them with the general framework of his intentions regarding ERT.

The two ND officials said they were reserving judgment until they have a clearer picture.
The party officials nevertheless underlined ND's basic axes on public television and radio, citing specific qualitative characteristics and financial independence, amongst others.

"We requested clarifications on what will happen with the regional radio stations and, in particular, with those located in border regions, while we cited our opposition to the government's decision to maintain, in full, the monthly duty (added on to power bills), at a time when the services provided by ERT are being reduced," a ND statement read.