Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras continued to step up his criticism of the PASOK government, as he was quoted on Saturday as emphasising that "we will not tell lies to the people".
"What we say we mean, and will do; we're not fooling anyone," Samaras was quoted as saying in an interview with an Athens weekly financial paper.
Moreover, Samaras repeated his mantra of a "economic re-start", saying that lending and whatever loans, in themselves, cannot save the country, but only grant a reprieve.
In answer to a question, the ND leader said a reduction in tax rates by themselves are not enough, with measures to increase liquidity also necessary. Reducing state sector waste, boosting demand, structural reforms and exploiting the state's assets were other priorities he cited.
"Whatever you do the economy cannot go forward with such tax rates," he said, adding he is asking citizens "for a clear mandate to proceed with clear-cut solutions".