Greek foreign minister Stavros Lambrinidis pledged the ministry's firm support for Greek businesses active in Libya, during a meeting with representatives of the businesses on Wednesday.
Greeting representatives of businesses active in Libya, chiefly in the energy and construction sectors, Lambrinidis said that "the foreign ministry will seek to support your presence in Libya".
Lambrinidis noted that the restructuring of the Libyan economy is necessary both for the growth and democratisation of that country and for stability in the wider region, and made it clear that Greece must and will have a dynamic presence in the formulation of the so-called "day after".
"In the sector of growth, your contribution is decisive. You represent companies that have been in Libya for some time. You have worked there, and with your activity, from here on, you can become vehicles of growth for Libya but also for supporting the Greek presence there, and active proof of the Greek people's close ties with the Libyan people," the foreign minister said.
He also noted that Greece is one of the first countries to have established diplomatic contact with Benghazi, with the presence over the past months of Greek diplomats who are in contact with the National Transitional Council.
Greece, the foreign minister stressed, is ready to reopen its embassy in Tripoli when the conditions allow.
On Thursday's meeting in Paris of the Contact Group on Libya, which will be attended by Greek prime minister George Papandreou, Lambrinidis said that formulating the 'next day' in Libya is of exceptional importance, adding that Greece will "seek our own protagonistic participation in humanitarian issues but also issues of growth".