Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Thursday said that the cost of holding early elections would be smaller for Greece than the cost of the PASOK government remaining in office.
ND press officer Yiannis Michelakis, speaking on private Real FM radio, said that "the cost of elections would be smaller than the cost incurred to the country from the government's remaining in power".
Commenting on a report by the parliament's budget office on the divergences from the targets in containing Greece's deficits and debts, Michelakis noted that the results were such despite the unprecedented sacrifices of the Greek people, and asked "what must happen so that they will understand that the recipe must change, and it must change immediately?"
The party spokesman recalled ND leader Antonis Samaras' proposals for the economy, which include a reduction in tax rates, noting that "at that time they accused ND that this could not be done, but now they are discussing it".
He said that with the policy followed by the PASOK government the reduction in revenues was continuing, since society was not consuming, shops were closing, and businesses were relocating to other nearby countries with smaller tax rates.
Michelakis further said that ND does not hesitate to vote in favor when there are positive regulations, but this does not mean that it accepts wrong policies, noting that "just as we vote against bills that are in the wrong direction, we vote in favor of bills that are in the right direction", reiterating that the main opposition party will never say 'yes' to mistakes.
'Whoever is not able to govern dreams of co-governance," he said, adding that if the government feels that it cannot govern, it should come out and say so. "Everything else is a communi-cations ruse," Michelakis charged.
As for the matter of early general elections, he said that ND has approached this with great responsibility.
 "At this time, whatever the cost of early elections would be, it is much smaller than the cost to the country from the continued stay of the government in office," the ND spokesman stressed, adding that "we called for elections from the moment we ascertained that this government cannot govern".