The head of a newly formed Parliament budget office resigned on Thursday evening amid an increasing political furor over a report it issued a day earlier, which amongst others, refers to the country's external debt as "out of control" and points to a continuing increase in the budget's primary deficit.
Stella Savva Balfousia submitted her resignation to the Parliament president hours after government Vice-President and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos lambasted the report. 
"Parliament's budget office obviously does not, as yet, have the knowledge, experience and the responsibility of relevant international organisations," was the first statement by Venizelos earlier on Thursday. He also charged that the report does not include credible data of similar international reports.
The development drew an immediate reaction from main opposition New Democracy (ND).
"The government has reached the point of forcing those that it has selected itself to resign..." ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis said, while rhetorically asking why the government accepted conclusions and assessments on the Greek economy from the same committee a month ago.
"What else must happen for the government to realise, at long last, that its policy on the economy is mistaken. This policy must change immediately and change drastically," Mihelakis added.