Government Vice President and Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Thursday warned entrepreneurs in the restaurant sector that they are liable for issuing proper receipts with the new 23-percent VAT rate, following a restaurant group's call for a payment stop of VAT remittances. 
The minister that those who believe that violation of the law is the best method for the country to exit the crisis and recession are making a "provocative and deliberate mistake."
The main opposition New Democracy party on Thursday expressed its disagreement with the increase in VAT for restaurants, as well as with the announcement by businessmen in the sector that they will resort to the "I won't pay" movement.

ND reaction
On his part, main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis called for the immediate withdrawal of the measure raising the VAT rate to 23 percent, stressing that "the real economy and society cannot stand such irresponsibility," while accusing Venizelos of "deciding to punish thousands of businesspeople and working people because the government is incompetent and ineffective."
Regarding the "no pay" option favoured by the restaurateurs' association, Mihelakis said such a prospect "finds us opposed. Such practices not only do not solve the problems, but create bigger ones."