The administrator of the e-shops of three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and a monastery in Arcadia is wanted for grand theft via electronic fraud, while an investigation has been launched to locate prospective accomplices and the possible existence of an organised ring, Greek Police (ELAS) said on Friday. A case file has been drafted by the police electronic crimes squad for a 37-year-old man from the town of Rizes in Arcadia prefecture for illegal transactions via the internet, electronic forgery and illegal possession of weapons.
Police said the 37-year-old, taking advantage of his position as web administrator of the three NGOs and monastery, had stolen the data of the credit cards of electronic customers of the four institutions and then made online transactions to the credit limit of each credit card.
The case was uncovered after complaints filed with the electronics crime squad in early June by the transactions security officers of two major banks that a large number of online purchases had been made, via e-shops, with credit cards of online customers without the credit card owners' approval.
According to the complaints filed by the two banks, in one instance a total of 393 fraudulent electronic transactions had taken place over the internet using 372 credit cards, totaling 379,000 euros.
In a second instance, a large number of electronic transactions were made via the bank's online payment and collection service, totaling 189,437 euros.
While investigating the complaints, police traced the perpetrator's IP address to his home in Rizes, which they searched on the basis of a warrant and in the presence of a prosecutor. Police confiscated a plethora of digital material such as digital archives and specialised software, which they said definitively proved the man's illegal activities.
Police also found and confiscated a 6.35mm pistol and ammunition.
The case file will be submitted to the Tripolis prosecutor.