Opinion polls appearing in three newspapers indicate a main opposition New Democracy (ND) lead over the ruling PASOK party.
An MRB opinion poll appearing in RealNews newspaper showed a 5.1 percent lead for ND over PASOK, with ND amassing 23.7 percent of the respondents' preference, followed by PASOK with 18.6 percent, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with 8.1 percent, Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) with 5.5 percent and the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) with 5.1 percent, followed by the non parliamentary parties Ecologists-Greens with 3.1 percent, the Democratic Left (DIMAR) party with 2.7 percent and Democratic Alliance (DISI) with 2.3 percent, while 4.7 percent of the respondents opted for other parties and the undecided vote at 25.9 percent.
Also 52.1 percent of the respondents disagreed with an ND-PASOK co-governance before elections, while 56.4 percent disagreed with such a co-governance after elections if a self-sufficient government did not emerge.
An ALCO opinion poll appearing in the weekly Proto Thema newspaper showed a 4.8 percent lead by ND over PASOK, with ND amassing 22.2 percent of the respondents' preference, followed by PASOK with 17.4 percent, the KKE with 7.1 percent, LAOS with 5.6 percent, SYRIZA with 4 percent, DIMAR with 2.4 percent, DISI with 2.2 percent and the Ecologists Greens with 3.4 percent, while 3.4 percent preferred other parties and the undecided vote was at 3.9 percent.
Further, 55 percent of the respondents disagree with the formation of a cooperation government before elections while 67 percent are against early elections.
Also, 76 percent said they do not have the money to pay taxes and the extraordinary contributions.
As for expectations as to what the prime minister will announce at the upcoming Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF, where the prime ministers traditionally unveil the economic policy for the following year), 78 percent want a reduction in taxes, 66 percent want a commitment that new tax measures will not be imposed, 48 percent want a change of the electoral law and reduction of the number of MPs, 30 percent want abolition of tenure in the civil service, 27 percent want abolition and mergers of state organisations, and 26 percent want acceleration of the privatisations.
A KAPPA Research poll appearing in the weekend edition of To Vima newspaper showed ND posting a slim 0.6 percent lead over PASOK, with ND amassing 21.8 percent of the respondents' preference, followed by PASOK with 21.2 percent, the KKE with 7.3 percent, LAOS with 5.5 percent, SYRIZA with 3.1 percent, the Ecologists-Greens with 2.1 percent, DIMAR with 2.3 percent and DISI with 2.2 percent, while 1.6 percent preferred other parties and undecideds were at 30.8 percent.
Also 56.2 percent want the current government to complete its term in office while 41.9 percent believe the country needs a national salvation government with the participation of all the political parties.