Greek foreign minister Stavros Lambrinidis, in coordination with his Cyprus counterpart Erato Markoullis, briefed their EU counterparts on the recent threats voiced by Turkey regarding the planned start of hydrocarbons exploration in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), during an informal EU foreign ministers' meeting in Poland on Saturday.
The briefing took place on the second day of the conference, which was also attended by the foreign ministers of the EU candidate countries.
Topping the foreign ministers' agenda was the Middle East Peace Process, in light of the Palestinian side's plan to put the issue of the recognition of a Palestinian state to the United Nations at the UN summit that opens in New York on September 19.
Discussion focused on the Arab 'spring' and major changes at political, economic and social level entailed for the entire Middle East area that inevitably impact the Palestinian issue as well as Israel's relations with its neighboring Arab countries.
Lambrinidis told the meeting that, given the above, maintaining the unity and cohesion of the EU in the UN was crucial, as was the EU undertaking a more leading role that will enable the Palestinian recourse to serve as an opportunity for an important step to rekindling the peace process rather than a cause for rift.
The ministers also reviewed the outcome of the 'Friends of Libya' international conference hosted by France in Paris that discussed the developments in and prospects for Libya, with the emphasis on dealing with the humanitarian needs in the country.
Lambrinidis briefed his counterpart's on Greece's ability to undertake, via the state Water Board (EYDAP), the supply of substantial quantities of water to Tripoli, while also stressing the decisive role of the island of Crete in the overall humanitarian effort.