Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras said that early elections are inevitable for the government, in an interview with the Sunday edition of Eleftheros Typos newspaper, adding that "all control has been lost of the deficits and the debt".
Samaras said that the government's dead-ends were growing daily, since it’s "policy has failed".
He reiterated that the government's programme is wrong, noting: "Of course there are many and large mistakes and delays in the implementation of the (economic) programme, but the programme itself creates a much deeper recession than originally predicted. That is why it is not meeting its targets."
On the discontinuation of the government's negotiations with the European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) 'troika', Samaras accused the government of "communications ruses", noting that "it held an entire press conference (by finance minister Evangelos Venizelos) to deny what they themselves were leaking", and predicted that the government will "soon put dilemmas again to the people, investing in fear that the next tranche (of the EU-IMF bailout loan) is at risk, etc...the same old badly-performed play".
The main opposition leader also expressed grave concern over unemployment, stressing that "the only antidote is growth", and accused the government of "discovering the recession after the fact", after it co-signed a policy whose "chief element is recession".
Samaras opined that the failure of the government's policy will bring back to the forefront the issue of changing the policy, and "this will be done through renegotiation", adding that ND has an alternative plan with an integrated proposal "and we will not stop persisting on this until we convince them (the government)".
The ND leader further rejected any prospect of co-governance, adding that "our choice is to seek from the people a strong mandate for clear-cut solutions".
"The people do not want a 'doormat' government in which everyone is fighting for a seat. Such officials have always been the enemies of our country," he said, adding that his plan is to form a small government with "people of the marketplace", but declined to give more details before he looked into this more deeply "because the deep changes require good preparation, and in critical times there is no room for easy experimentation".
Samaras again insisted on reduction of the tax rates, which he said would increase the state revenues that are continuously on the decline due to over-taxation and the recession.