The opposition party's reacted critically on Saturday to an address by prime minister George Papandreou at his ruling PASOK party's national conference earlier in the day.
Main opposition New Democracy (ND), via party press spokesman Yiannis Michelakis, said that Papandreou "in a boring text he read out today to a frozen audience, forgot that he has been governing Greece over the last two years".
"In such critical hours, Mr. Papandreou unfortunately seems to be living in another planetary dimension without having any relation to the Greek reality," Michelakis added.
Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), in a statement, noted that in the past they were calling "arise Andreas (Papandreou) to see them", adding that it is easy for one to imagine the disappointment that PASOK's founder would feel today in his heirs".
The Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) called the premier's address an "example of the most arrogant right-wing government in the post-dictatorship, which has the audacity, after all the measures it has taken that demolish society, to speak of growth, work and democracy, while accusing the Left of being dogmatic".
A SYRIZA statement said that "the people, in the squares and on the streets, with the demonstration at the (upcoming) Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF, where the prime ministers traditionally unveil the economic policy for the following year) as the landmark, will show the prime minister and the government that the fairy tales are finished".
The non-parliamentary Democratic Left (DIMAR) party opined that the premier's address could have easily been delivered in 2005, 2006 or 2007, but not in 2011 and definitely not in the Greece of poverty, unemployment and recession.
DIMAR seriously doubted that the PASOK government is doing what must be done to bring Greece out of the crisis: "All the indicators bear witness to the opposite, that with its policy the government is pushing the country to bankruptcy and the society to the margins".