Car registrations down 37.1 pct in Jan-Aug

The Greek car market continued shrinking in August, with car registrations falling 37.1 pct at the end of the eight-month period, while passenger car sales were down 36.8 pct over the same period despite a government-sponsored car fleet renewal incentive program.
Hellenic Statistical Authority in a report said car registrations (new or used) totalled 93,962 in the January-August period, down 37.1 pct from the same period last year, after a decline of 30.8 pct recorded in the January-August period in 2010. Car sales were down 7.0 pct in August.

Motorcycle registrations also fell by 21.2 pct to 37,022 in the eight-month period this year from 46,959 units in the same period in 2010.

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