Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) president Dimitris Daskalopoulos on Monday warned that if Greece proves to be “unable or weak to keep up with the hard European core eventually will be forced to leave the Eurozone”.
Speaking in an event entitled “Greece 10 year ahead” hosted by McKinsley & Co, a management consulting firm, Daskalopoulos added that if this happens “the country will return to the 50s, poverty will be the rule and the people will be condemned to live in one of the poorest countries. All acquisitions won over the past decades and future prospects for the new generations will be lost. This is a nightmare scenario that will have to be prevented.” 
He said that it is not a coincidence that that our partners, international organizations and global markets foresee a decade of low growth, high unemployment and social distress for Greece, adding that “by forecasting annual growth rate under 1.5 pct they condemn us to the economic fringes of Europe, if not forcing us to exit the Eurozone”.
Daskalopoulos stressed that the only way to salvage the country is to implement strict fiscal discipline; curb consumer extravagance; focus on production oriented economy, extroversion and investments and ensure survival through a long phase of intensive economic growth.