Projects worth 3.19 billion euros have been included in a National Strategic Benchmark Framework Plan in the last six months, of which 90 are projects focus on the environment, 18 are large infrastructure projects, another 105 actions touch on e-governance and IT systems, along with dozens of other interventions in tourism, health and culture, Development Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis said Monday.
Speaking to reporters, the minister said the National Strategic Benchmark Framework programme is seen as a catalyst for growth and efforts to exit the current economic crisis, while he added that the programme would accelerate further during the current quarter.
Chryssohoidis said he will announce updated figures over progress of the programme by the end of September. He said new environmental projects worth 542 million euros have been included in the plan.
In the transport sector, a total of 18 new projects, budgeted at 917 million euros, have been included, while in the digital convergence programme a total of 105 new projects, worth 191 million euros, have been included.