The City of Athens has proceeded with the abolition of the Municipality of Athens Development Agency S.A. (AEDA) subsidiary in Bulgaria, while an audit is in progress at the AEDA offices in Athens, according to a municipality document forwarded to Parliament on Monday.
The document was sent to Parliament in response to a relevant question by opposition Popular Orthodox Rally (LA.O.S) MPs Adonis Georgiadis and Thanassis Plevris.
The two MPs demanded information by the ministry of the interior on action taken by the City of Athens as regards the AEDA management reform, the AEDA subsidiary in Bulgaria, as well as on its mode of operation and purpose.
Responding to a relevant question by the two LA.O.S MPs, municipal officials said that 72 of the 284 Bulgarian nationals who had registered to vote in the 2010 municipal elections were struck from electoral rolls after being established that they had declared false addresses.