KKE in favour of Palestinian state recognition by UN

Communist Party (KKE) general secretary Aleka Papariga on Monday met with Palestinian envoy Samir Abu Ghazaleh, where she backed recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN General Assembly.
"Any government - the Greek government included - that will not recognise Palestine’s right to acquire the status of a Palestinian state in the UN General Assembly in September should be regarded as a moral instigator and accessory in the massacre of the rights of a people and in a new round of wars and possibly an all-out war in the region.” 
As regards a statement made a day earlier by Greek Defence Minister Panos Beglitis in Israel, on the “recognition of Israel’s right to legitimate self-defence in response to Palestinian terrorist attacks,” Papariga said such statements are “unacceptable and dangerous” and “could be indicative of Greece’s stance at the UN”. 

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