A radio interview by Education Minister Anna Diamantopoulou on Monday, who referred to a worst-case scenario with an exit from the Eurozone and a return to the drachma, generated sharp political reactions.
"Imagine the worst scenario that can take place in this country: us returning to the drachma and the next Prime Minister being a drachma Prime Minister... I am saying this of course as an extreme approach in a country that I hope will never reach there because it will be a disaster," she said in a radio interview.
"By saying the word 'drachma' alone, Ms Diamantopoulou is terrorising the citizens and dramatically harming our national economy," main opposition New Democracy spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis said, adding:
"Did Ms Diamantopoulou not see that the spreads reached 1,730 points today. Nor did she hear the statements by Mr. (Herman van) Rompuy, who ruled out Greece's exit from the euro."
The Coalition of the Left (Synaspismos) also stressed that the government, with the memorandum policies all this period of time, is leading the country to chaos.