Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast on Tuesday expressed his country’s support to the efforts for Greece’s economic growth.
Beyond the strictly bilateral sphere, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, currently in Athens at the invitation of his Greek counterpart Grigoris Delavekouras, strongly criticised Washington for its stance as regards Iran’s nuclear programme, as he claimed that the international protests to Iran are not justified, considering that inspections conducted so far have revealed “no deviation on the part of Iran”.
Speaking to reporters, he accused the US administration of exercising “a policy of double standards” vis-à-vis the issue of terrorism and the nuclear weapons proliferation.
Speaking to reporters, he accused the United States of exercising “a policy of double standards” vis-à-vis the issue of terrorism and the nuclear weapons non proliferation and warned that “Iran will respond dynamically to any effort by foreign powers in the region that will undermine its security and stability.”
Parast said that a conference against terrorism was recently held in Teheran with the participation of 60 countries and stressed that “the United States is trying to convince the international public opinion that Iran is linked with terrorism”, while it was proved that “the Americans supported a terrorist organization in Iran, named ‘separatist movement’ by them”.
As regards the recent decision by Turkey to host NATO anti-ballistic radars on its territory, he said “when the Americans decided to install anti-missile systems to deal with the Iranian threat everybody knew which country they really meant and that they used Iran as a pretext. The target was another country” and pointed eastwards. “The US wants to justify its military presence in the region and we have advised our neighboring countries not to believe in the American arguments and be vigilant. We believe that the countries in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf can safeguard regional stability without the military presence of a foreign power,” he stressed.
Referring to developments in Syria, he underlined that “peaceful claims should not be put down by force” and added that “interventions by third countries are not acceptable”. He vaguely referred to “claims made by a minority” and pointed out that they should be considered adding, however, that “a minority cannot impose its will on an entire society.”
As regards Syria, he said that the problems should be resolved “through dialogue between the people and the government,” underlining that “any intervention is unacceptable”. He stressed that armed groups have infiltrated into the country. Some 1,200 police officers have been killed and, undoubtedly, this was not done by ordinary protesters.”
Parast called for regional cooperation, stressing that “we should cooperate for the sake of humanity” and “not create the conditions that will allow the presence of foreign powers.” He pointed out that “speaking from experience cooperation with the Zionist regime is not beneficial.”