Greece sent a clear message that it is by the side of the Libyan people, now and in the future, with 24 tons of drinking water delivered in Tripoli on Tuesday and with a series of contacts by Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Dollis with the leadership of the National Transitional Council.
"Our country gave the example for Europe and the rest of the world today with its presence in Libya," Dollis said after the completion of his meetings with the president and vice president of the National Transitional Council, Moustafa Abdel Zalil and Abdul Hafiz Goga, as well as with the official for political issues Fathi Bazaa.
"The people of Libya are forging ahead, democracy has already won. Our role as Greece is not only to help with words but practically as well. To help how this country will be rebuilt and how it will be democratised. We were and are friends of this country," he added.